Has your website been penalized?

A Google penalty can have devastating consequences to your SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign. It can result in a loss of visibility, traffic and revenue. Metaloop is on hand to assist in bringing more than five years of digital marketing knowledge and experience to the table while offering honest and ethical Google penalty recovery services you can trust.

If you have noticed a web page or a number of web pages have suddenly dropped in ranking, then it’s crucial to first identify if it is, in fact, a penalty or whether it’s a result of a new algorithm. Google is regularly introducing new algorithms and updating existing ones to ensure their users have an enjoyable search experience, gaining access to the information they are looking for quickly and effectively.

That is why you need a company like us. At Metaloop, we provide the best Google Review Management. We have an experienced team of experts who will identify if you have been penalised with a manual penalty.

We can identify these quickly. It is something that Google has flagged on your site. We can then put an effective Google penalty removal strategy in place to correct the problems and start building your business up again.

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Decoing the manual and algorithm penalties

If we cannot find a manual penalty, then we can only assume it’s a result of an algorithm penalty, which is a result of a new or updated algorithm being introduced. The two main algorithms we focus on includes Panda, which focuses on content quality and Penguin, which focuses on backlinks and anchor text distribution.

Common Causes of Google Penalties

Google manual penalties need to be regularly monitored. We specialize in SEO and know what the top search engines require to help you climb the ranking ladder to reach a wider audience and direct more traffic to your website.


The most common google penalties include

Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content is frowned upon by Google, which is trying to provide its users with informative and unique content. Our expert team of content creators focuses on providing useful and unique content.

Poor Quality and Reciprocal Links

External links are imperative to the success of your SEO campaign, but poor-quality links and too many reciprocal links can be damaging and result in a penalty. We provide manual link building to ensure working and high-quality links.

Outdated Sitemaps

Our SEO experts will inspect your XML sitemap to ensure it is updated and accessible to Google. When a sitemap is outdated, Google gets the wrong information on which pages to crawl, making it difficult for the search engine to understand the site’s architecture.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords and phrases are an important part of your SEO campaign to help you reach your audience, but overstuffing keywords in content will result in a penalty. Google red flags content that has a high density of keywords. Our content creators will write unique content focusing on chosen keywords at the right density to be noticed and approved by Google.

Slow Site Speed

Your site speed is also measured by Google. A fact is that an average visitor will expect a web page to open within three seconds or they move on to a competitor. Our development team will improve the speed of your website to reduce the risk of Google penalties as a result.

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