7 Ways to Create Data-Driven Content

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Create Data-Driven Content

7 Ways to Create Data-Driven Content

Businesses that employ content marketing get a six-fold increase in conversions compared to those that don’t. Content marketing may increase the number of leads that become conversions and has a noticeable influence on how well your site performs.

But how can you make your content marketing even more effective? Creating content with data helps you make a stronger impact on your audience and builds their trust in your business.

On this page, we’ll discuss seven ways to create data-driven content.

Let’s dive in!

Figure out your content angle. 

The first step to incorporating data into your content is figuring out your content angle. Prior to beginning your data search, you must understand the direction of your content. 

The best thing to do is create an outline for your content. Create a list of the topics you want to cover in your page. Finding data that fits into your content is easy once you have a basic outline.

Conduct research

The next stage is to undertake research to uncover data that works with your content. As you conduct research, seek any of the credible sites we identified above. You may obtain reliable information for your article by doing this.

Your information must be reliable. You don’t want to give distorted or false info to your viewers. You won’t have to be concerned about the accuracy of the data if you rely on reliable sources.

Understand what your audience wants

Always keep your audience in mind when producing new material. They are the ones who read the material. Consider the kind of content that will appeal to your audience and the kinds of information that will aid in comprehension.

You should also be familiar enough with your audience to know the kinds of content they prefer. Consider the kind of content they prefer to see when creating blogs, videos, or infographics. In addition, cover topics that your audience is searching for so you can drive them to your page. 

Using data in content creation helps to improve your content once you know the interests of your audience.

Make it easy to understand

Not everyone who reads your content is going to be an authority in your field. You can provide them with numerous stats, but if they aren’t easy to comprehend, it won’t matter. Make sure your audience can easily understand the data you include in your content before publishing it.

Make sure your data is presented in an understandable manner. If your readers cannot grasp the facts you include in your article, it serves no use. Make sure to clearly explain your facts so that your audience can understand it.

Use visuals

The most crucial aspect of presenting data is ensuring that your audience comprehends it. Your audience may assimilate facts and information more quickly with the aid of visuals.

Your viewers will grasp your material more readily if you offer your facts aesthetically. It simply provides the information to them and makes the facts stand out. Adding visual elements to your data can make it easier to digest and comprehend the information. 

You’ll make a more significant impact, too. Your audience will notice the data more if it is presented visually, which will also guarantee that they do.

Promote your content on the right channels

You’ve created a masterpiece of relevant content. The world needs to know about it now. But how do you do that? Do you simply post it to your company blog and wait for Google to crawl it?

You could adopt a passive attitude like that, but the material you just created is excellent. Everyone in your niche will be interested in reading it. It’s time to advertise it to make sure you receive the viewers you desire.

However, take a moment to think before you start linking to it on Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, and every other social media platform and aggregator website you can think of.

When creating your user personas, it would be ideal if you had knowledge of the online behaviors of your target audience.

Do they frequently use Twitter? Do they frequent forums specialized to their field? Do you communicate with them over Slack or another instant messaging service?

Decide where they congregate and start posting there. In most circumstances, if you’re not sure if your targets utilize a platform or not, you should just go ahead and publish regardless.

Although posting controversial content on Reddit may result in penalties, most of the time there is no harm.

You should start brainstorming potential uses for your recent content at this point as well.

Have you had a chance to write a guest blog post on another website? Or might your newest infographic be the ideal addition to your upcoming investor report?

If your data-driven content is built on the solid principles we’ve discussed, it will get engagement.

Content creation with analytics to measure results

After your content goes live, you can begin measuring your ROI to see what you did well, where you missed the mark, and what could be optimized to perform better. 

This is where the KPIs discussed in Step 1 come back into play. 

It’s simpler to track some of these than others.

You should have performance statistics if your objective is to increase sales or conversions. Similarly, you should have the analytics to monitor your website traffic improvement efforts.

Some things, like brand visibility, can be more difficult.

You should be able to find the information you need to track performance in Google Analytics, regardless of what you’re using to measure success.


Incorporating data into your content has a powerful impact on how your audience processes it. It can support assertions you make and help you emphasize a point, which increases the credibility and authority of your website. At Metaloop, we know how to integrate valuable data into content to drive results. 

We are a full-service digital marketing agency with a content marketing focus. We’ll work with you to develop a content marketing strategy that emphasizes using analytics to assist your campaign in achieving its goals.

If you’re looking for a company that knows how to drive valuable results, look no further than Metaloop Marketing.

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