LinkedIn to provide insight into its feed algorithm by video series

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LinkedIn to provide insight into its feed algorithm by video series

LinkedIn to provide insight into its feed algorithm by video series

LinkedIn has been booming with engagement in recent times. Ever since it has been recognized as the hub of B2B interaction and lead generation, there has been a lot of user engagement taking place on this platform. But a recent study has suggested that people employ unrelated practices to generate engagement. This includes reposting content from different platforms that are spammy and not valuable enough.  

LinkedIn has been proactive enough to recognize these activities and has decided to do something about them. In a recent update they posted on their platform, LinkedIn has conveyed their desire to provide some transparency. And are willing to share the steps they are taking to improve the LinkedIn experience for users.

In the post, they shared the moto of LinkedIn:

“Our teams are constantly working to help elevate relevant and productive conversations that add value to the member experience, foster a sense of belonging and community, and empower members to connect with confidence and clarity.”

To cater to this experience to their audience, they have decided to launch a “Mythbursting the feed” series. The sole purpose behind this series is to educate people about how the platform works. They want people to gain some insight about how LinkedIn actually works. Simultaneously they also want to bust some myths and misconceptions that are surrounding their platforms. The Ultimate idea behind this is to be transparent about how their feed actually works.

Insights on LinkedIn algorithm

The first two videos of this series are already out. These videos feature LinkedIn’s VP of Engineering, Sabri Tozin, who explains what kind of content LinkedIn wants to expand.

In these videos, Tozin has provided insight into whether you should share similar updates on LinkedIn as you would on Facebook. While a broad answer to this is a straight no, there are still some exceptions to this rule as well. Further, until this point, people have complained about how little they know about the LinkedIn algorithm. This series is a rectification of the same. And will provide you great insight into how you can generate content that gains engagement while staying free of penalties.

Here is what we have learned so far about the LinkedIn algorithm:

  • The LinkedIn algorithm is centered around delve-time. This means that it takes into account how long a piece of content is engaging users. This delve time decides whether the content is worth broad reach or not. 
  • It also keeps a keen eye for double-space content. The double space is a common strategy content creators use to conceal the whole message. Resulting in drawing a click by users. LinkedIn has now decided to penalise such content.
  • Posts that encourage users to engage by means of reaction will also get low reach. LinkedIn has named them as engagement-bait content and will penalise them with less reach.
  • Lastly, it has decided to limit the reach of polls-based content. LinkedIn, in their statement, clarified that Polls. 

If you want your website to soar to the heights of engagement, you must stay away from committing the elements mentioned above. Focus on creating a relevant and engaging post that aligns with your audience, and your engagement will skyrocket automatically. 

However, there will always be people who will violate these norms. Let’s hope that LinkedIn can come up with some firm strategies to tackle this problem and maintain the seamlessness of the platform.

Also, keep an eye out for the new videos from LinkedIn, as they will provide you with some actionable tips to improve your LinkedIn approach.

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