6 best ways to market your mobile application

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6 best ways to market your mobile application

6 best ways to market your mobile application

Are you someone who has recently launched an app but doesn’t know how to market it? Then we have a solution for you.

There is fierce competition between mobile apps these days. And one needs to imply exceptional strategies to stay ahead of the curve. In this article, we have listed some of the most basic yet effective tactics that will help your application reach a wider audience.

Researching the market

Market research is the heart and soul of any new venture in this digital age. It gives you a comprehensive idea of where your business or idea stands and where it needs to go.

According to a report by, 72% of mobile-based businesses fail due to inadequate market research. So, if you don’t want your business to be one of them, Sherlock Holmes would say: “do your research.”

Researching has far wider benefits than many people know about. For starters, it gives you an idea about how your competitors are performing. You can use this information to your advantage by implying better strategies than your competitors and generating greater results.

One significant advantage of doing market research is that it helps you understand your buyer’s persona. This enables you to find out who your ideal customer is.

Now, you can employ different strategies like conducting personal interviews, forming focus groups, and sourcing secondary market research material for this purpose. A better understanding of buyers will help you come up with effective strategies.

Market research is definitely a difficult task. It requires both time and effort on your part. But when done right, it can help your cause in the longer run.  

Optimising your App store page

Once you know your target audience, you need to employ strategies to make your app visible to them. And ASO can help you with that.

ASO or App Store Optimization is the equivalent of SEO for mobile applications. Just like its search engine equivalent, ASO is also determined based on certain factors.

The most crucial factor to consider while optimizing your app store page is using requisite keywords. They play a major role in the discovery of your application. Hence it is essential to choose them carefully and update them timely as well.

Another critical component to optimization is your App’s title and the icon. The first impression rule works everywhere, and ASO is no stranger to it. Therefore, make sure that your App’s title and icon positively impact the users.

Last but not least, make sure that you upload relevant screenshots of your applications. These screenshots give the user a sneak peek into how your application looks. Eventually, helping them in deciding whether or not they are to download it.

Remember that ASO is key to your application’s discovery on the search results of an App store.

Marketing through different channels

Marketing is essential for any business. We all know that. But what’s more important is choosing the right channel to reach your target audience.

Often businesses make the mistake of not getting their research right. And end up spending time, money, and energy trying to reach their audience through the wrong mediums. That is why identifying the proper channels becomes absolutely important.

The best way to do it sometimes is to go with the flow. In today’s time, Social Media and influencer marketing are two of the best channels available to reach your target audience.

With more than 6 billion people using it, Social Media has to be the most effective channel to employ. They come well equipped with unique tools that help you boost your business. For example, Facebook provides an option to customise your Call-to-action. Marketers who used this feature have seen an exponential 285% growth in their Click-Through-rate.

Another effective way to promote your mobile app is through Influencer marketing. According to a stat by Digital Marketing Institute, 46% of people on Social media depend on influencers’ recommendations for buying anything. Hence, it’s a powerful strategy that allows you to speak directly to your audience.

Creating a landing page

One major mistake committed by business owners is that they don’t think outside the box when it comes to marketing their mobile applications.

Yes, while marketing a mobile app, you shouldn’t restrict your marketing channels. Instead, you should try to expand your reach by creating a landing page on your website.

Now, many people will have this question: how will a landing page help boost my application download? To answer their question, let’s look at the advantages of having a landing page.

First and foremost, a dedicated landing page for your application can be the right place for people curious about your application and brand. On this page, they will get quality information about your application and the vision behind it. As a result, they will end up downloading the application.

Secondly, you can optimize your landing page by employing SEO. This strategy will help you lure in organic traffic to your website, leading to application downloads.

Finally, while running an advertisement or social media campaign, the landing page can be leveraged to make people sign up for newsletters. Or else, yet again, download the application itself.

Retaining your users

Getting people to download your application is not where your work ends. Instead, it is the beginning of something more critical called “retention.”

You don’t want people to download your app and forget about it. You really want people to engage with your application and use it for designated purposes. And for that, you will have to use different strategies as well.

Any good relationship is built on the grounds of communication. So, use notification features of your application wisely to communicate about important things like: upgrades, new products, offers, etc.

Create a seamless experience for your users. Since you don’t get a second chance to form an impression, make sure that you make the most of the one you have. Provide a great function, designs, and features that get your users hooked right from get going.

Lastly, incentivise your users. People like getting rewarded for simple actions. Use this psychology to your advantage and create strategies that boost your application engagement.


Employing the right way to market your application is key to its success. A well-designed marketing strategy can fetch you invaluable results. But at the same time, a poorly planned strategy can cost you hefty money and time. Therefore, it becomes essential to hire experts to get the job done.

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