5 ways to boost your post reach on LinkedIn

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5 ways to boost your post reach on LinkedIn

5 ways to boost your post reach on LinkedIn

Among all the Social Media Marketing platforms out there, LinkedIn has been rated as the toughest to gain post reach. Many people from around the world have been scratching their heads over why their content on LinkedIn is not enjoying the same reach as it would on other platforms.

The answer to this problem is the LinkedIn algorithm. Yes, the strategy behind their algorithm has various clauses attached to it. Hence, the experts had to run multiple tests to figure out how it exactly works.

In this blog, we have shared the top 5 ways in which you can boost your LinkedIn traffic. These are simple tactics that can increase your reach tremendously.

1. Choose the right form of content

LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to post different formats of content. From Text-based to images, videos, and more, you can opt for any form of content. But it so happens that people who post images, videos, and link-based content on their profile often encounter a poor reach.

Virginia Bautista, a LinkedIn trainer, ran some tests to determine the reasons behind the same. She uploaded three different posts on her LinkedIn account. The first two posts had a link attached to them, while the third one was an all-text post. And the result showed that an all-text post got 42X more views in comparison to the others.

A similar experiment was run by Scott Ayres of the Social Media lab, and his results were also the same. According to his findings, an average all-text post had 1069% more views than other forms of posts.

So, it can be concluded that the LinkedIn algorithm is designed to support all-text posts. Hence to gain some traction on this platform, you will have to create more text-based content.

Although that shouldn’t dissuade you from posting images and videos from time to time, they will always remain an essential asset of your LinkedIn portfolio, albeit in a small proportion.

2. Complete your profile

One of the biggest reasons behind the lack of engagement on LinkedIn is not bad content. Instead, it is the incomplete profiles. Yes, before you embark on the journey of creating breath-taking content, you are supposed to complete your profile.

According to reports, LinkedIn profiles with Images get 21X more views. This means that you can boost your reach by updating your profile information. Fill in all the details required, from location to summary, and add some relevant hashtags. If you run a business page, don’t forget to add the logo, cover image, tagline, and description of your business. Providing more accurate information about your business will help you stand out.

3. Keep the title short

Did you know? 80% of visitors that come across your post only read your title. Yes, only a handful of 20% read through your entire article. This means that if you don’t have an impactful title, you will miss out on majority of your audience.

A report published by Optin Monster claims that a short title (between 6-12 words) has a 21% higher CTR. Well, that is quite impressive, isn’t it? Also, another reason to have a short title is that LinkedIn doesn’t support long ones. Its design only shows a handful number of words to a viewer. Unless they open the post, they won’t be able to read your title.

So, if you want to convert your 80% viewers to readers, write a petite and impactful title that makes a reader curious.

4. Delivering relevant content

We have often heard Entrepreneurs chant, “Content is king.” While it is 100% true for other platforms, it gets amplified 1000 times for LinkedIn. The reason behind it is that people spend time on other social media marketing platforms, but they invest time on LinkedIn. Hence, make sure that you are providing quality with your content.

Around 94% of marketers are using LinkedIn to distribute their content. And approximately 80% of them are generating B2B leads from it. This stat is self-explanatory as to why you need to put your best effort into developing content. With so many people writing about the same topics, you will have to be unique with your content.

Now, you might question what new you can do with an all-text post? So, here are some suggestions: you can share some quick tips for your target audience. Then, you can also share your opinions about a popular topic in your field or offer some value for free. You can also engage them by sharing your experience and asking them if they have had them too.

There are ample ways to engage your audience, even though all-text format. You just need to find out which format suits your audience the most.

5. Publish consistently

Just like any other Social Media Marketing platform, your LinkedIn reach is also dependent on the frequency of your posts. You cannot post once in a month or two and expect a high reach.

Although that also doesn’t mean that you have to post something every day. HubSpot suggests that 2-5 posts are the ideal number of posts per week for LinkedIn. Also, the posts published on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to them, generate 95% more clicks than on any other day.

A common strategy to reach the goal of consistency on LinkedIn is syndicate content. This means that if you have posted something elsewhere, you can post it again on LinkedIn without worrying about Content Duplication.

You need to keep in mind two things while doing this. First, you should never use the same feature image and headlines on different platforms. And then secondly, remember that not every piece of content belongs on LinkedIn. So, syndicate only your best-performing content on LinkedIn to guarantee returns.


LinkedIn is the best Social Media Marketing platform to crater your products and services to an influential audience. Get your small bits and pieces right to focus on the big picture that is content creation. At the end of the day, it will boil down to the content you are sharing on your page, as your audience will only engage with something they find valuable and relatable.

Although creating content that converts is not an easier said than done. That is where we come in. Metaloop is a thriving digital marketing company in Surat that provides the best Social Media Marketing and branding solutions.

We have an experienced team of experts who can help with your marketing ventures on LinkedIn. So, please don’t waste any more time and contact us now to boost your LinkedIn presence.

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