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Backlinks are the key determining factors behind a website’s position on a SERP. And you obviously know that, but do you know that not every backlink that you procure from your webpage adds value to it?

Yes, they play a vital role in driving traffic to your webpage from different sources. However, if your goal is to improve your website’s domain authority by means of backlinks, then you will have to be wary of the different types of backlinks. 

In this article, we have curated some high-quality dofollow backlink generating websites. But before we get to that, let’s understand the different backlinks in detail first.

Different types of backlinks

Although many people talk about various types of backlinks, in general, there are only two. They are called “dofollow and nofollow backlinks.” They both perform the same task but have a marginal difference that can impact your website.

A person reading a webpage cannot tell whether a link is dofollow or nofollow with naked eyes. To determine this difference, they will have to access the source code of these links. A specific tag in the source code of the URL of these links determines the effect of this backlink on your website.

Let’s understand the difference between dofollow and nofollow backlinks in detail.

Nofollow backlinks

Nofollow backlinks are the least common backlinks found on popular websites. The reason behind it is that they are less valuable and don’t align with the goal of increasing a website’s domain authority. On the contrary, these links instruct a search engine to ignore a particular link with a “nofollow tag.”

Google released an official definition for this term that read:” ‘Nofollow’ provides a way for webmasters to tell search engines ‘Don’t follow links on this page’ or ‘Don’t follow this specific link.’”

In simple words, the tag instructs search engines to not even follow these kinds of links. This means that no matter how many nofollow links your website has, they won’t add any value to your SEO.

Dofollow backlinks 

The dofollow backlinks, on the other hand, provide a lot of value to your website. They are the most common type of backlinks. With the sole purpose of letting a search engine know about the importance of a webpage.

The search engine, in return, understands that if a website is linking to a specific page, then it must be providing good information. So, in simple words, dofollow backlinks can be considered as a vote of confidence from one website to another.

They add to your website’s domain authority and ranking in the SERPs as well. 

How to generate dofollow links?

Now that you know what a doffolow link is, the biggest question arises, how to get a dofollow link? There are many ways to get this done. But to be honest, none of them is easy. And those that are indeed easy are not actually legal. 

One of the most common mistakes people commit is buying paid backlinks. These links might or might not have a positive impact on your website. They often turn out to be scammy, though and can affect your website. Also, if google managed to sense it (which it often does), it can impact your website negatively. 

Another famous tactic used by people is procuring links from irrelevant websites. For example, if you have a website about digital marketing, you cannot get backlinks from a website selling groceries online. The search engines nowadays are smart enough to catch such kinds of scams. And it will result in you losing your domain rank as well as authority.

So, what really is the right way to get the right kind of dofollow backlinks?

We know that getting quality dofollow backlinks is hard. But it’s not completely impossible. There are websites out there that provide high-quality dofollow backlinks. And we have put together a list of a bunch of websites like these just for you.

However, before you imply this strategy, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Always make sure that you get backlinks from only relevant websites. As mentioned earlier, irrelevant backlinks will not help your cause.
  • Don’t stuff your backlinks everywhere; use them naturally in a sensible manner. 
  • The backlinks you are using should redirect to landing pages relevant to your keyword. Otherwise, they won’t be effective at all.

With that being said, here is a list of the websites that provide high-quality dofollow links: 

  Zintro description
  Self Growth description
  Index description
  Hub Pages Listing
  Article Biz Listing  
  Reddit Listing
  My space Listing
  Pexels  Image Gallery
  Unsplash  Image Gallery
  500px  Image Gallery


Backlinks play a vital role in your website’s ranking. And by using these websites, you can generate a plethora of high-quality dofollow backlinks for your website. 

However, if you still have some issues in ranking your website on the top, then maybe your website has some underlying issues that need to be resolved. And we can help you with that. 

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